February 17, 2018


In addition to the National Projects, the Texas Society shall have State Projects as directed by the members at the annual meeting of the State Council. One of those projects is the Memorial Books for the Texas State Library.

useaservMemorial Books for Texas State Library.

Chapters may make cash contributions toward the purchase of a book or books concerning the 1812 period (1784-1815) for the Texas State Library, Austin, Texas. Checks should be sent to the State Treasurer of the Texas State Society, and may be designated as a memorial. Titles and prices of desirable books shall be obtained by the State Librarian from the Texas State Library and an order and a check shall be sent by the State Librarian through the State Treasurer to the State Library in Austin. Monies for the project shall be kept and accounted for separately by the State Treasurer.


A major focus of the United States Daughters of 1812 is education. With the help of our donations, boys and girls, that might not otherwise, have an opportunity for a better education. The National Society endorses four schools:

alc-logoAlice Lloyd College:

100 Purpose Road, Pippa Passes, Kentucky 41844, Contact: Joe A. Stepp, President; Phone: 888‐280‐4252; Website: www.alc.edu (Students have a work program to cover tuition) Donations of gifts may be made to their “Christmas Pretties” program where they wrap gifts and distribute to about 400 nearby boys and girls who would otherwise have no Christmas. Or donations may be made to their daycare and elementary school.


Crossnore School, Inc.:crossnore

PO Box 249, Crossnore, North Carolina 28616‐0249; Contact: Dr. Phyllis Crain, Executive Director, Email: pcrain@crossnoreschool.org , Phone: 828‐733‐4305, Fax: 828‐733‐3250; Website: www.crossnoreschool.org. Purchase items from their shop or thrift store. Accepts donations for their thrift store, including clothing. Also accepts Campbell Soup labels, General Mills Boxtops, Tyson A+ labels, and Spartan Brand labels. Donate items from their “Special Needs List”, found on their website. It includes daily needs, school supplies, school wardrobe, pet needs, and Christmas presents.


hindmanlogoHindman Settlement School, Inc.:

PO Box 844, 71 Center St., Hindman, Kentucky 41822‐0844; Website: hindmansettlement.org; Contact: Jeanne Marie Hibberd, interim director, Email: jmhibberd@hindmansettlement.org, Phone: 606‐785‐5475, Fax: 606‐785‐3499. Accepts Campbell Soup labels, General Mills Boxtops, and Tyson A+ labels. Request literature from the schools. Visit the campus and tour the schools. Meet the children that we are helping. Purchase items from their shops. Have chapter programs on the schools. Make a donation to a school in honorarium of a guest speaker.


College of the Ozarks:cota

PO Box 17, Point Lookout, MO 65726; Contact: Becky Brown, Email: bbrown@cofo.edu; Phone: 417‐690‐2706, Website: www.cofo.edu; Accepts Campbell Soup labels. (Students have a work program to cover tuition). They run a camp to send underprivileged kids to camp. They have a WWII Veterans program that allow students to return to battlefields with veterans that fought there.