February 17, 2018

Times-locations for State Council Activities

Friday. All activities in Junior Trinity
4:30 Executive Committee
5:00 Finance Committee
5:30 State Board
6:30-7:30 break … Dinner on own
7:30-9:30 “Wrap it Up” Reception

Saturday – All activities in Grand Ballroom unless noted
9:00 – 11:30 Business Session 1
11:30-12:00 Room setup for lunch
12:00-1:15 Dolley Madison Luncheon and awards ceremony
1:15-1:30 Room setup for memorial
1:30-2:00 Memorial Service
2:00-5:00 Business Session 2
6:00-6:30 Photos in Trinity Junior
6:30-6:45 Receiving line in Grand Foyer
6:45-7:00 Processional
7:00-9:00 Star Spangled Banner Banquet

7:00-9:00 Star Spangled Banner Banquet
Followed immediately after by officer installation and photographs.

Sunday – Grand Ballroom
7:30-9:00Andrew Jackson breakfast
9:00-9:30 State Officers’ Club meeting
9:30-11:30 Business Session 3 as needed

Be prompt by being early
Be ready by being at your place.
Be concise by being prepared.
Be nice by thinking of others.
But most of all …
Be involved by being there.