February 17, 2018

100% Reporting

Dear Chapter Presidents, State Officers, and State Chairmen …
I have been receiving many interesting reports and have been thrilled to hear of the many activities across the state.  I hope you are getting your reports in to the National officers and chairmen per the deadline so that all of your activities can be recognized at National.
As a reminder … our goal is 100% reporting!  I have seen a few reports where there was not 100%.
Presidents … Are you sure?  If you have nothing to report in a certain category … just send an email or pick up the phone and notify the chairman or officer that you have “nothing to report”.  This will count as a report and will count toward your chapter’s 100% reporting status and will help the chairman complete a 100% report.;  And don’t forget you owe me your completed report status form with all of your report dates.  This was in your SIP and is also available on the webpage.  If you don’t have it, can’t find it, forgot about it … no problem … I will send you a blank one via email to fill out.  Just please, fill it out.  There will be a little reward at State Council for any 100% chapter.
State Officers and Chairs … Are you sure?  Call that president you have not heard from.  Take her report over the phone.  Or, ask her if she has nothing to report.  Give her the opportunity to help make you, and the State Society, successful by making a report.
What if someone DID report and it got lost????  It is worth that last check to make sure we don’t miss anyone’s input.
I am so excited to see you all at State Council.  I know we will have wonderful fellowship and a day of learning and sharing.
Looking forward to it!