February 17, 2018

State President’s Message – August 2014

Dear Members.

TIME is now moving fast!! Our Workshop is just around the corner. Please find the WS Registration Form on our Texas website. Deadline is AUGUST 26. Checks payable to TEXAS SOCIETY USD 1812. We have over 40 registered as of today.

Room reservations to the Hilton Garden Inn, Temple, (254) 773-0200, must be made by AUGUST 6 to get the ‘group’ rate. Ask for “1812”. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN FOR BREAKFAST.

Sunday, August 3, 2014, was a GREAT day in our state. The Mark Epperson Chapter, #460, Linden, became official as our newest state chapter. Your State President, along with three Board members, an Honorary State President, three State Chairmen, and National Membership Chairman, Frances Jakes, LA, was in attendance to represent you, our membership. Over fifty 1812 members and guests were present. Kay Stephens with the guidance of HSP Ora Jane Johnson is to be commended for her perseverance in forming this chapter, along with her cousins. We look forward in greeting them at WS and State Council in February.

Chapter Presidents and Treasurers, please note the DEADLINE OF AUGUST 15!! Dues are due to State Treasurer, Valerie. (THANKS TO THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE PAID!) Also, Chapter Treasurers, please send a copy of your E-POSTCARD for the IRS to her.

The last date for entry into the State Yearbook is MONDAY, AUGUST 18. If you are planning a CHANGE in your life, membership, or status, please send that info to me ASAP!!

Region 1 will meet for planning the 2015 State Council. If Chapters would like to bring a basket for silent auction, you may.

If you have any concerns or questions, please email me at erialc2@aol.com.

Looking forward to seeing you in Temple, Tuesday, September 2 . . . SAFE TRAVELS!

Claire Cole Lillie
Texas State President
U. S. D. of 1812

PS: Check out the Website – You might find things of interest!!!