February 17, 2018

2017 Proposed Bylaws Amendments

Please download the proposed State Bylaws Amendments so that you will be familiar with them before having to vote on them. There are only 3 amendments to review. The first one involves the waiving of dues for members who are age 90+ and have at least 5 years of membership. This was adopted by National, but the State Bylaws were silent.

The second addresses Associate memberships in chapters. This also addressed by National Bylaws but State Bylaws were silent.

And finally, the number members elected as State Officers from a chapter is being proposed.

2016-2018 State Yearbook Available Online!

txusd1812-yrbk-2016-2018-coverThe 2016-2018 State Yearbook/Directory is currently available online only.  The membership directory has not been completed yet, so you will not find it in the online publishing.  There are over 850 members that have to be checked line-by-line.  We estimate that the it should be completed during the Thanksgiving Holidays.  At that time, it will be uploaded to the website.

Some sections have been moved around in order to make the yearbook more useful.  The membership section has been moved to the very back.  This way, as new members are approved, individual sheets can be printed out and those pages just inserted in the back of the yearbook. 

To download the yearbook, hover over the menu “Forms” and then select the third sub-menu of “Yearbooks & Manuals”.  There is a password on the download because it contains personal contact information.  The password is the same as the one we use to get to the national member’s site.

Johnson Creek Chapter #487


Johnson Creek #487 Officers
Ruth Shelton, Karen Carpenter, Sue Mathios, Valerie Laskowski, Kristina Rumans, Francine Copeland, Sarah Tunis, Faye Elder, Deborah Hinckley

Arlington now has an official 1812 chapter.  On Saturday, October 1st, 2016, the Johnson Creek Chapter #487 had their chartering ceremony at the Arlington Public Library, Southwest Branch, 3311 SW Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, Texas.

The chartering ceremony took place and 2:00 p.m. and Texas State President Deborah Hinckley installed the officers.  Each new officer received a flag as part of the installation.  The chapter officially chartered with 11 members.  After the ceremony attendees enjoyed a brief social time and snacks.

Texas Fees and Dues Increases for Applications

At the 2016 State Fall Board and Workshop, there were some changes to the Standing Rule 1 that applied to new membership applications and supplementals. The state fee of a new membership application increased from $7.00 (seven dollars) to $10.00 (ten dollars). The state fee for supplements increased from $3.00 (three dollars) to $10.00 (ten dollars).

The rationale for the increase was the increase postage the society is now made to incur by the National Registrar. It seems that packages were being stolen off of her porch/doorstep which contained our applications. The Texas Society was also utilizing the “if it fits it ships” mailings offered by the post office to save money. The National Registrar now longer will accept these large packages due to the thefts. However, the National Registrar now has a large mail slot that the postman is able to deliver the single packages through.

Hence, the state society can no longer “mass ship” thereby increasing our postage fees enormously. The change to Standing Rule 1 passed both Executive Board and the membership.

The new fees are effective as of September 7th, 2016.

New 1812 Merchandise for Sale

There are two new items for sale by the State President:

Vineyard Vines Custom Personal Bag – 100% silk

The first is the new beautiful Personal Bag from the Vineyard Vines Custom Collection. It is 100% silk and the cover features alternating words “USD 1812” in dark navy alternating and silver anchors. The size id 9 1/2 inches x 8 inches with a lined interior. This bag is great for carrying your pins, ribbons, jewelry, makeup, personal items, or whatever you want it to be. It sells for $45.00 (+ $5.00 shipping).

WWI Poppy pin

The second item is the WWI Poppy Pin. This pin is 1″ inch in height, red, and has a military clutch. Proceeds from the sales of these poppy pin benefits the State President’s Project at the Texas State Cemetery.

Please check out all of our sales items on our Merchandise page!!!!

Arlington Chapter #487 Organizing

A new chapter in Arlington, Texas has been granted approval to organize.  Member Faye Elder is the Organizing President.  New prospective members are welcome to join.  If you are current 1812 member, you are welcome to transfer and become an organizing member.  If you are interested, please contact Faye Elder at txelder@sbcglobal.net or Valerie Laskowski at societyval@att.net.



Capt. James Burleson Chapter #482

Capt. James Burleson Chapter #428, Canton, TX

Capt. James Burleson Chapter #428, Canton, TX

It’s official! The Captain James Burleson Chapter #482 was charted on Saturday, July 9th, 2016 in Canton, Texas.  Texas Society State President Deborah Hinckley installed the new chapter officers.  The chapter has well over 20 members and 12 more pending approval.  Chapter President Carrie Woolverton is off to a great start. 

Capt. James Burleson Chapter Chartering

The Captain James Burleson Chapter #482, Canton, TX, had its Organizational meeting on June 18th, 2016. The Chapter Chartering is scheduled for July 8th, 2016, in Canton, Texas.

If you live in the Canton area and are interested in becoming a new member, please contact Carrie Woolverton via email at:  honeycrek2@aol.com  

Current members wanting to transfer may also contact Mrs. Woolverton at the above email. 

Wyly Martin #476 Chartered at State Council

Martin Chartered

State President Claire Lillie; President National Lynne Schulman; Vice President Karen Robertson; Chaplain Georganna Triplett; Secretary Paula Burns;
Treasurer Gwen Goldsberry; Historian Molly Smith; Gayle Scholer, and Organizing President Harilyn McMicken.

On February 20, 2016, during the 113th State Council, the Wyly Martin Chapter #476 chartering ceremony was officially conducted by President National Lynne Schulman, Recording Secretary National Susan Leininger, State President Claire Lillie, and State Recording Secretary Michelle Cocchia.  After the chapter officers were sworn in, they each signed the charter along with other organizing members.

Canton Chapter Organizing

A new 1812 chapter, #482, is organizing in Canton, Texas.  They will be the fourth new chapter under State President Claire Lillie’s administration.  The Organizing President is Carrie Woolverton, currently of the John Cavet #039 chapter.

If you live in the Canton area and are interested in becoming a new member, please contact Carrie Woolverton via email at:  honeycrek2@aol.com  

Current members wanting to transfer may also contact Mrs. Woolverton at the above email.