February 17, 2018

New FAQs Section

Our website now has a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) section.  Many of the State Officers and Committee chairmen are asked repeatedly the same questions over and over by members.  It is our hope that this section will help to provide quick resolutions to most of these questions.

If there is a question or topic that you would like to see in this section, please email the webmaster .  We will also be taking submissions at State Council in February.

As always, we strive to make this website a useful communication tool for our members.

Texas Society History added to website

The Texas Society History has been added to the website and can be found on the menu from the Home–>Our History.  The history was provided by Honorary Past State President Ora Jane Johnson, who retrieved it from the book that Honorary Past State President Delitha Guenzel created.  The book is 8.5 x 11 and is 188 pages.  No doubt this book contains a wealth of information that we will hopefully be able to share with you on the website in the future.

Internet Explorer Website Issues

I have implemented the “patches” to the website and this should take care of anyone having any issues with Internet Explorer and this site.

Please make sure you “delete your browsing history”, temporary internet files, cookies, and your cache in your browser via the Tools menu.   This will insure you always get the most current information from the site.

Website Problems with Internet Explorer

The website was updated to the latest version of WordPress today and the calendar widgets on the right are not working when viewing in Internet Explorer; you cannot click on them and get the calendar information popup.  This is a known bug from the developers; they are using the most current versions of the various software packages.  The issue is with Internet Explorer not utilizing current software.

However, there are no issues if viewing the site in Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, or Netscape Navigator.  These are all FREE browsers and actually run faster on your system.  I have ALL 4 loaded on all my computers so that I can test websites in the various browsers.  Here are the links to download from:


Google Chrome:
https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/ (Note: I have shortened the name but the link is complete)


Netscape Navigator:

MEANWHILE — I will be working on trying to implement some of the quick fixes/patches that others are using right now.  Your patience is appreciated while this issue is being resolved.

Valerie Laskowski, Webmaster