December 15, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

State Council

After you have checked-in and are settled in your room, if Registration is still open, go Register; if not, you can register the first thing the following morning. At that time you will receive your badge and Program (which has all of the meetings, room locations, and times). Then, before you leave the registration area pick up your meal tickets. Now, you are officially at State Council!

The next step should be to locate other members from your chapter and get with them. You can plan meeting at designated places before business sessions, luncheons or banquets. However, if you miss catching them before these events don’t let that stop you from attending. This is a great way to make new friends! Of course, a room full of strangers is always a little intimidating, but here is the solution: Just walk up to a table that is not full and ask, “Is anyone sitting here?” and you will always receive a gracious offer to sit down and join in at any table.

The State Council Registration form has options for Delegate/Alternate but our chapter has not met yet to determine that. What should I do?

Your Chapter President will be turning in her Credentials form prior to the State Council. The Credentials will list the Delegates/Alternates. If you are one, make sure your name is on that form and the State Council Credentials & Registration committees will handle it from there.

Each member attending the State Council shall pay a $10.00 registration fee if paid in advance. Registration fees paid at the door will be $15.00.

President’s Reception: Dress comfortable and dress for the “Red, White, and Blue” theme. Desserts will be served, but dinner is on your own.

Business Sessions: Business Casual is appropriate. Hats are also in style, if you so desire.

Memorial Service: Appropriate outfit for a memorial service.

Star Spangled Banner Banquet: Formal or period attire is required. This is the night we get out our sequins and formal evening clothes. Everyone always looks so beautiful at the banquet!

Andrew Jackson Breakfast: Business Casual or your “travel clothes”. Most everyone is checking out very early and the lobby is full of people carting their things out to their vehicles; hence “travel wear” is appropriate.

Dues, Donations, and Subscription

The annual dues of TXUSD1812 shall be $8.00 per member and shall be payable prior to JULY FIFTEENTH (15th) (State Bylaws, Article I, Section 3. b.) for the succeeding fiscal year..

State and national dues are due at the time a new application is submitted to National. Members admitted by the National Society after MARCH FIFTEENTH (15th) of any year do not pay additional state dues until March 15th of the following year.

Chapter donations received by members to the Texas Society projects and the National Society projects submitted with their dues are due “in-hand” to the State Treasurer by November 1st.

Grave Markers

1. First, you will need a permit from National. Click on the "Forms-->State Forms" menu selection of our State Website. Next, expand the State Committees category by clicking on the + next to it. Now, expand the "Grave Markers and Locations". You will need two documents; a permit and the price lists. Select the permit for either a Veteran or the Member and save it to your computer. Do the same for the Marker Price Lists. The below are quick links for these documents:

A. Instructions for Veteran Marker Permits & Permit Form B. Permit for Members C. Marker Price Lists

2. Normally for a veteran, you will order the 4" diameter marker with a stake; ($75.00: $57 + $18 shipping). If you order 3 or more markers, then they are $53.00 each and the shipping will be $15 for the first marker, plus $2.50 per each additional marker with stake (or $2 per each marker without stake).

3. Please follow the instructions on the Permit; this will speed up the processing of your marker.

4. The last "bullet item" on the permit instructions tell you what to do once you receive approval. The current authorized company is Best Stamp & Seal Company.

Fall Workshop

A yearly state workshop is held in September of each year on the first Tuesday & Wednesday following Labor Day. The purpose of workshop is for information and fellowship. All members are welcome to attend. There is normally social time on Tuesday night, followed by the Workshop on Wednesday morning. The State Board also meets during this time to take of business issues. Members attending will be able to meet with the State Officers and State Committee Chairmen to discuss their directives that are in the Chapter Packets that will handed out at the Workshop.

Each member attending the Fall Workshop shall pay a $5.00 registration fee if paid in advance. Registration fees paid at the door will be $7.00.