June 24, 2017

I’m a “First Timer” to State Council; where do I go first?

After you have checked-in and are settled in your room, if Registration is still open, go Register; if not, you can register the first thing the following morning. At that time you will receive your badge and Program (which has all of the meetings, room locations, and times). Then, before you leave the registration area pick up your meal tickets. Now, you are officially at State Council!

The next step should be to locate other members from your chapter and get with them. You can plan meeting at designated places before business sessions, luncheons or banquets. However, if you miss catching them before these events don’t let that stop you from attending. This is a great way to make new friends! Of course, a room full of strangers is always a little intimidating, but here is the solution: Just walk up to a table that is not full and ask, “Is anyone sitting here?” and you will always receive a gracious offer to sit down and join in at any table.

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