June 24, 2017

How do I get a 1812 Grave Marker for my Ancestor?

1. First, you will need a permit from National. Click on the “Forms–>State Forms” menu selection of our State Website.  Next, expand the State Committees category by clicking  on the + next to it.  Now, expand the “Grave Markers and Locations”.  You will need two documents; a permit and the price lists.  Select the permit for either a Veteran or the Member and save it to your computer.  Do the same for the Marker Price Lists.  The below are quick links for these documents:

A. Instructions for Veteran Marker Permits & Permit Form
B. Permit for Members
C. Marker Price Lists

2. Normally for a veteran, you will order the 4″ diameter marker with a stake; ($75.00: $57 + $18 shipping). If you order 3 or more markers, then they are $53.00 each and the shipping will be $15 for the first marker, plus $2.50 per each additional marker with stake (or $2 per each marker without stake).
3. Please follow the instructions on the Permit; this will speed up the processing of your marker.
4. The last “bullet item” on the permit instructions tell you what to do once you receive approval. The current authorized company is Best Stamp & Seal Company.

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