June 24, 2017

How should I submit donations by Individuals?

Individual members may make donations during the year or just at dues time. Regardless of when, a separate donation form should be used for each individual donation.   The reason is because the IRS requires state and national societies to provide a receipt to that member to file with their taxes.  So if you have 1 or more individual donors, make a form for each donor — plus one from your chapter.

For example:  Your chapter has two members that have donated $25.00 each to Fort McHenry and your chapter is donating $50.00.  You would fill out a  chapter donation (with all of the other donations) and then list $50.00 on the Fort McHenry line.  NEXT,  you will fill out TWO donation forms, one for each of the two donor members, making sure all of their information are on the forms, including the “in honor of” and “in memory of”.  NOTE:  this is required so that we have the address to mail or email the receipt to.  FINALLY, all THREE forms will be mailed to the State Treasurer.

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