February 17, 2018

History of the Texas State Society USD1812


Luella Robertson Fulmore

On Sunday, April 27, 1902 a “Federation Special” train carrying “Federation Special” club women and their husbands from New York and New Jersey was to pass through and make a brief stop-over in Austin. Ten special Pullman cars of club women bad also departed for the Biennial meeting in Los Angeles. A Call meeting of those club women still in Austin resulted in provisions of suitable entertainment for the visitors.

It was arranged for these travelers to be given a drive thru the City of Austin with a view of the Capitol and the University of Texas and a stop at the Elizabeth Ney Studio, where refreshments would be served.

Local Presidents of the various organizations represented by the “Federation Special” were to meet and visit with these representatives. The Delegates of the various Clubs on the train were notified to look for their special greeters during the train stop in Austin.

One of the club women on the train was Mrs. William Gerry Slade, representing the newly chartered National Society United States Daughters of 1812. At this time there was not an 1812 organization in Texas, but Mrs. Z. T. Fulmore (Luella Robertson), a prominent club woman of Austin, was selected to greet Mrs. Slade. Mrs. Fulmore graciously made the greeting and presented a bouquet of flowers to Mrs. Slade. The few hours visit and discovery of mutual interests made these women firm friends. Organization of the Texas Society was the happy result!

Mrs. Slade, in her capacity as Organizer for the National Society believed the local Chapter should be the basis for the State Organization, with the State under control of the National by appointees from the President National until such time as qualified members could take control.

Following Mrs. Fulmore’s appointment as the Organizer for N.S.U.S.D. of 1812 in Texas, the first meeting was held in the home of Mrs. J. E. Howze in Austin on June 9, 1903. Mrs. Fulmore had asked eleven ladies, who she thought were eligible, to this organizational meeting. These ladies were:

Mrs. Z. T. Fulmore (Luella Robertson)
Mrs. Fred A. Scott (Bird Cochran)
Mrs. G. B. Stowe (Naomi Perry}
Mrs. Cone Johnson (Birdie Robertson)
Mrs. George W. Massie (Mary Eilers)
Mrs. Alonzo T. McKean (Laura Eilers)

Mrs. Howard H. Taylor (Mary Perry)
Mrs. George L. Walton (A. M. Moore)
Mrs. J. H. Langsford (Chloe Leigh Taliaferro)
Mrs. Elton Perry (Lucy Smith)
Mrs. T. A. Brown (Mary Robertson)
Mrs. J. E. Howze (Rosa A. Woolsey)

Other names were added to this group of twelve women during the next few years, but these twelve were our proud beginners!

This group elected Mrs. Z. T. Fulmore as President or Regent, and she was to invite and guide qualified ladies to membership in the Oliver Hazard Perry Chapter of Texas. This group functioned as the Texas Society, with the Oliver Hazard Perry Chapter being formally chartered November 9, 1907, four years after the Chapter’s organization.

Antoinette Wells Steele (Mrs. Britton Davis)
Luella Robertson (Mrs. Z. T. Fulmore)
Bird Cochran (Mrs. Fred A. Scott)
Naomi Perry (Mrs. G. B. Stowe)
Birdie Robertson (Mrs. Cone Johnson)
Mary Eilers (Mrs. George W. Massie}
Ella Florence Fulmore (Mrs. W. C. Harllee)
Laura A. Eilers (Mrs. L. E. McKean)
Lolla E. McKean (Mrs. H. L. Marks)
Mary Perry (Mrs. Howard H. Taylor)
Amanda M. Moore (Mrs. George L. Walton)
Ella Wiley (Mrs. Elijah Price Smith)
Chloe Leigh Taliaferro (Mrs. J. H. Langsford)
Fannie Morris Taliaferro (Mrs. Lee Mays Taylor)
Mary Lee Horton (Mrs. Sidon Harris)
Mattie Crutcher (Mrs. Charles F. Dickinson)
Lucy Smith (Mrs. Elton Perry)
Dora M. Fagan (Mrs. Henry Hart Neill)
Victoria Shannon (Mrs. Edwin Moore)
Alice Yturbide (Mrs. Edwin Bruce)
Mary Robertson (Mrs. T. A. Brown)
Annie Hill (Mrs. Henry Oscar Barthold)
Rosa A. Woolsey (Mrs. Joseph E. Howze)
Ida Boyd (Mrs. Joseph W. Robertson)
Susan Farrow (Mrs. Thomas M. Bossom)
Pauline Castleman (Mrs. Jourdon Walford Morris)

Texas Society Marker at Mrs. Fulmore’s Plot
Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Travis, TX; Plot: Sec 2, Lot 824



Plot of Mrs. Luella R. & Zachary T. Fulmore
Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Travis, TX